Arguing with Your Landlord Over Leasehold Extension - Let the Tribunal Help

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So you own a leasehold flat, and decided that you needed to investigate the possibility of a lease extension. It seemed fairly straightforward so you started the process, but now you've realised that it's more complicated than you initially thought.

To start with, everything went smoothly. Friends pitched in, neighbours added their bit and even the family chipped in some chunks of advice. Who said this business of leasehold extension was difficult or could lead to problems? Crisis, what crisis? Heavens no, it's a doddle.

Well, it appeared fairly easy until you got little bit of argument, with the landlord.

What happened then? You began to feel the strain; you felt, at one point, like a rigid stick that would quite easily snap in half. The thing is you didn't fully understand what leasehold extension rights as a tenant you had or how to exercise them. The landlord easily and immediately saw through your confidence bluff and realised that he would be able to take advantage of you. You made it so easy for him to walk right over you, he did.

You'd heard something about service charges but couldn't remember the exact details. But, you didn't really know the facts. Then sparks started to fly and it became obvious that you didn't know about the Leasehold Valuation Tribunal. The landlord realised that as well and was on to a winner.

Luckily you contacted that fantastic solicitor who specialiseas in leasehold extension, just in time. He really saved the day. He used his expertise to take you safely through the tribunal process to a favourable outcome. The landlord was demanding an excessive service charge for very little service. He then priced the leasehold extension at a stupidly high value. Well, under pressure from your brilliant solicitor and a specialist lease extension surveyor who represented you at the tribunal, he just gave in.

You looked so relieved when it was all over, you couldn't stop thanking him. Who wouldn't, I guess, when he successfully negotiated the cost of the lease extension down - to a generous third of the initial total!

It was your lack of negotiating power that let you down, together with not having the right evidence or appointing the correct person to conduct the lease extension valuation and advise you on the amount of money you should be offering the freeholder.

Just goes to show, when dealing with leasehold extension, a specialist solicitor knows best.

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Arguing with Your Landlord Over Leasehold Extension - Let the Tribunal Help

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This article was published on 2010/10/27