How to Choose a Hair Extension Salon

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Hair extensions are a big deal right now, anyone who is anyone is getting them attached and due to the fact they are quite a dramatic change and in some cases can come with a pretty big price tag, you expect them to be perfect, well the only real way to do this successfully is to visit the right salon. In fact to some extent choosing the right salon is more important than choosing the type of extension that you want applied, so with this is mind just how do you go about finding the right one?

It is important that you choose a salon where the stylists are trained and experienced in dealing with the application and removal of hair extensions. Also on top of that you should only choose one that you feel completely comfortable with. So in order to find one that does this you should look out for certain defining characteristics, which include a clean, neat facility that has adequate lighting and mirrors. Also you should keep your eye out for before and after pictures. The reason that this is so important is because it acts as a demonstration of their work so you are able to find out if they are experienced. Keeping on the theme of experience you should find out how many different hair types that they are trained to deal with, the more the better as it widens your choice.

Another defining characteristic comes in the form of whether they have a selection of products available for clients to purchase after they have had extensions applied. This is significant as it demonstrates the salons understanding of how important after care is. Also to demonstrate their knowledge they should offer you free initial consultations in order to determine the best type of extension and method available for you as an individual. And lastly, a more obvious indication is whether they have personalised written estimates or price quotes for the service that they provide.

Basically when you visit a salon you should start to feel immediately at ease and have a confidence in the stylist's ability. The stylist should be ready to explain every step of the process. They should work with you in order to design and determine your finished style. They should find out about your lifestyle and discover what your hobbies are in order to determine which type of extension will work for you. Also, and possibly more importantly, your stylist should be someone who you feel comfortable and at ease with. If the stylist is able to do all of these things and if you feel comfortable with them then the salon they work at could become a possible location for you to have your extensions applied at.

The one thing that I do advise you to do is visit a number of salons so that you can go with the best one possible. Going with the first one you come across gives you nothing to compare them to so they may seem good but they could in fact be the opposite. Take your time to find the perfect location and stylist and you will get to enjoy your extensions for longer as they will be correctly applied and eventually removed.

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How to Choose a Hair Extension Salon

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This article was published on 2010/04/03