The Newest Black Weave Hairstyles for 2012

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Many women are unsatisfied with the appearance and texture of their natural locks or may simply want them to be longer. To solve this problem you will want to take a look at the newest black weave hairstyles for 2012 to decide which look you want to have this year.

Whether you are putting in the extensions or having someone do it for you there are many different looks that you can go with this year. Ask your stylist to cut give you a sexy look with a short and sassy cut. Try out different angles and play with choppy layers to give you a modern and edgy look. Some short cuts that you can try are the bob, the tomboy or the short faux-hawk. Even though your locks will be shorter, the extensions will make your locks manageable and easy to do in the morning.

If you want your locks to stay long and luscious, then these newest weavesare right up your alley, but make sure you use a growth shampoo for black hair. This year you want to go full and easy. Go full by adding some bulky extensions or adding some curls to give it bounce. However, don't go to curly this year because the trend is to go relaxed and have a carefree image. You can achieve this look by combing out the curls once you have put them in or using a larger curling iron.

Another thing you can do to spice up the newest black weave hairstyles for2012 is to add some colorful highlights or lowlights to your look. Instead of going one solid color or having funky colors integrated into the extensions (avoid the blues and pinks please) go for a darker natural color and then adding some blonde, brown or reddish hues around your face. This will brighten your look and draw attention to your eyes and beautiful smile. Remember, this year is about natural and polished, not loud and funky.

Extensions are a great alternative to the damaging chemical in straighteners and relaxers and they look great. But you can help your hair grow longer and stronger by using a growth shampoo for black hair.  They will also make your morning routine a breeze so that you can spend your valuable time doing other things than messing with your locks for two hours. The best thing about them is that you can arrange them into any of the new styles for 2012.

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The Newest Black Weave Hairstyles for 2012

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This article was published on 2012/03/11